Fried Chicken Never Tasted So Good!



Bestseller Yuan's Signature Sauce: The perfect blend of sweetness, tanginess, and spiciness a wings should have!

Spicier: The signature sauce with some additional spiciness for every bite. Slow and hot!!!

Classic Buffalo: The traditional buffalo wings that started it all - tart and spicy.

Garlic Parmesan: Cheesy saltiness & Garlicky, balanced by Ranch dip.

Lemon Pepper: Somewhat lemony & seasoned, with Ranch dip.

Honey BBQ: Sweet honey & Hickory barbeque, peppery flavor.

Salt & Vinegar: These wings have the perfect combination, and balance,
of salty and sour flavor found in the chips, just transformed to coat finger lickin’, delicious chiz-ickin’… wings. NEW TO TRY!!

Salt & Pepper: Old-fashioned, just fried, no sauces.

911: Option of the Bestseller sauce or Classic buffalo + Kicked-up Chillies. Caution: Hottt!


Wings - 15 Pcs P 395
Wings - 30 Pcs P 780
Wings - 50 Pcs P 1,350
Wings - 75 Pcs P 2,000
Drumsticks - 15 Pcs P 700
Drumsticks - 30 Pcs P 1,300
Drumsticks - 50 Pcs P 1,900
Drumsticks - 75 Pcs P 2,800


Wings - 4 Pcs P 130
Wings - 6 Pcs P 175
Drumsticks - 1 Pc P 95
Drumsticks - 2 Pcs P 135
Each Additional Wing P 30
Each Additional Drumstick P 45


Soda in Cans     P 55
Bottled Water 500ml     P 25
Fruit Juice in can     P 40
Plain Rice     P 20


One flavor only per ordered item.

Orders are preferably at least 1-2 days in advance especially for large orders.

Prices are VAT-Inclusive and subject to change.

50 pcs. wings are good for approximately 15 people at 3 piece each.

Only Rice Meals packs will include fork and spoon. Not Party Trays

PORK BARBEQUE (for delivery or pick-up only)

50 Pcs - P1,000

100 Pcs - P1,900